Audi R8 Roadsterbag luggage

With this three-piece suitcase set you can travel with maximum luggage . Our Roadsterbag  luggage set fits perfectly into the Audi R8 boot. With the max-volume-system the suitcases even use the chamfer of the boot. The colour of the suitcase set matches perfectly with the colour of the Audi R8 boot. Due to a metal-pvc-bondframe the suitcases are extremly light but nonetheless inherently stable. High quality material like real leather handles and finishing, documentbag, lockable with a zip, adress label, inside tiebands and a flat mesh with zip combine a good design with an easy to handle product.

These are the original Roadsterbag suitcases which can be identyfied by the metal emblem and the Roadsterbag Logo in the inside lining.

This suitcase set can not be compared to conventional suitcases.

three piece set                                                                           Price: $ 575,00

Art.No. 633 Audi R8 Roadsterbag suitcases